Men’s Wearhouse Timeline and Fact Sheet
  •  1973 – George Zimmer opens the first Men's Wearhouse store with his college roommates in Houston, TX, consisting largely of polyester sport coats from his father's company. Unable to afford a cash register, George uses a cigar box to store money.
George Zimmer hires Goldman to work on the sales floor of the first Men’s Wearhouse store
  •  1974 – Second Men's Wearhouse store opens.
  •  1975 – Richie Goldman re-joins Men’s Wearhouse, and the first men’s Wearhouse TV commercial airs
  •  1981 – With 12 stores thriving in Texas, Men’s Wearhouse expands to its second market, the San Francisco Bay Area
  • 1986 – George Zimmer stars in his first Men’s Wearhouse commercial. “I guarantee it” is introduced to the world
  •  1992 – Men’s Wearhouse goes public, and the Initial Public Offering bring in $13 million, which helps allow for continued expansion
  • 1994-1998 – Men’s Wearhouse expands throughout the country at an average rate of one store per week
  • 1998 – Entering the New York market, Men’s Wearhouse now operates stores coast to coast, and revenues exceed $1 billion for the first time
  • 1999 – At the suggestion of an employee, Men’s Wearhouse tests the tuxedo rental business in 12 stores in the Pacific Northwest market.
Men’s Wearhouse buys Moores, a chain of 100+ men’s stores in Canada, and also buys K&G, a 40+ store chain of big box, deep discount men’s and women’s apparel stores.
  • 2000 – After initial success with the foray into the tuxedo rental business, Men’s Wearhouse expands its formal wear reach, and by 2002 nearly all Men’s Wearhouse stores rent tuxedos Men’s Wearhouse named one of the “100 Best Companies To Work For” in America by FORTUNE Magazine. Men’s Wearhouse named to this prestigious list six times in seven years.
  • 2007 – Men’s Wearhouse buys After Hours, a chain of tuxedo rental stores, becoming the largest renter of tuxedos in the U.S.
  • 2008 – With 1,278 stores, Men’s Wearhouse is the largest men’s dress apparel retailer in the U.S.


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