About the Author

Richie Goldman is the marketing mind behind the unforgettable Men’s Wearhouse tagline: “You’ll love the way you look. We guarantee it.” As the former Executive Vice President of Men’s Wearhouse, Richie Goldman has been a part of one of America’s great commercial successes, and helped to build the retail giant from the ground up.In Luck By Design: Certain Success In An Uncertain World, Goldman recounts his burgeoning career, from a desire to fulfill his creativity through advertising, to realizing that The Men’s Wearhouse was just where he belonged.

Richie's Story

Goldman’s tale starts with a modest family upbringing in a small coal-mining town in Pennsylvania, where he learned the basics of business at his family hardware store, which his grandfather had started. After high school he enrolled at Rutgers University in NJ, and following graduation Goldman returned to his father’s store, where his unspoken destiny lay in taking it over one day.

However, Goldman eventually felt out of place at the store, and an independent study on advertising written while at Rutgers infused Goldman with the conviction that he could find work at an advertising agency in the big city of Houston. So in 1973 he moved from Hazleton to Houston, without a plan and without contacts, but with the confidence that it was the right decision to make.

In Houston, Goldman met with a series of rejections at advertising agencies due to a lack of experience, and after running out of money he accepted a mediocre job at a free advertising circular – where he ended up meeting George Zimmer, the founder of Men’s Wearhouse. Goldman ended up working at Men’s Wearhouse on the sales floor – but when an advertising agency finally offered him a position, he jumped at the chance to continue his dream. At that point, Zimmer offered Richie the opportunity to buy stock and become a partner, but Goldman declined, feeling that he was ready to finally make his break into advertising.

However, the second Richie Goldman walked through the door of the ad agency that had hired him, he knew he had made a mistake. It took six months, but Goldman eventually listened to his gut and went back to Men’s Wearhouse. Zimmer again offered to make him a partner with an option to buy $3,000 in stock – and Goldman hasn’t looked back since.

29 years after his first stint with Men’s Wearhouse, Richie Goldman retired, after helping it grow to hundreds of stores in practically every state in the country. Looking back, Goldman realized that by trusting his intuition, following his dreams, knowing how to engage in creative listening and above all having integrity, he created all the luck he would ever need. And in Luck By Design: Certain Success In An Uncertain World, Goldman offers his formula for success, along with inspiring and humorous stories to anyone who also wants to treat life as a fulfilling adventure.
  • Life wisdom and stories discussed in the book include:
  • Getting out of your own way: how to overcome the mental blocks holding you back
  • Tips for listening and being more patient when working with a team towards a goal
  • Stories of valuing integrity over greed, like the “Stinky Suit Story”
  • The importance of never taking the value of knowledge for granted, which he learned from his aunt in the carpet section of the family store
  • How to recognize that everything in life teaches you to exercise an underutilized aspect of yourself
  • The secrets to overcoming problems and uncovering solutions in life and business
  • The power of yoga and meditation for harnessing focus and reducing stress

Publication Data: Luck By Design: Certain Success In An Uncertain World; by Richard E. Goldman; Morgan-James Publishing; Release February 2, 2009; Hardcover/Softcover $27.95/$17.95; 211 pages both editions; ISBN: 978-1-60037-432-6/978-1-60037-433-3


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